• Fragas de são simão:

A beautiful area for walking and afterwards to cool off between the rocks in the mountain water

For the website of the Fragas de São Simão you can click here.

  • Serra da Lousã

This mountain area is ideal for great walks. When you walk here you rarely meet anyone and you can intensely enjoy the beauty. We have already found a lot of beautiful hidden spots that we would like to show you. If you go a little further into the mountains, there are several so-called Xisto villages.

  • Cascata da Ribeira das Quelhas

Closer to home, a village further, an immense wooden staircase has been made to walk along and over the sources of the Ribeira de Pera.

  • Convento de Cristo

Near Tomar is an old cathedral with cloister. This one is really worth a visit. The Templars have been housed here for years.

  • Aqueduto dos Pegões

Also in Tomar. This can be combined with the Convento de Cristo

  • Hiking trails along waterfalls and beautiful views


  • Coimbra

  • Porto

  • Lisbon


  • Praia das Rocas